Our Products

These are the major products that we provide to the welding market throughout Australia and South East Asia. More detailed information about each product is available on its individual product page.

  • Ultima TIG

    The ULTIMA-TIG wet-grinder demonstrates an eco-friendly way to grind accurate angles on tungsten electrodes.

  • Neutrix

    The NEUTRIX is a portable Tungsten grinder, which is both environmentally friendly and grinds quality points on Tungsten electrodes for TIG and plasma welding.

  •  Weld spatter solutions

    Welding Automation provide anti-spatter systems which effectively protect work pieces & tools from spatter adherence. This will help you to perform porosity-free, crack-free welds which thus increasing productivity.

  • Model 4

    Wire handling from drum to torch. We can provide advice and products covering guides, straighteners, conduit, mounting connectors and fittings.

  • TIG electrodes

    Choosing from the six commonly available tungsten electrodes is a crucial first step in successful gas tungsten arc welding. In addition, tip preparation is critical.

  • Weld arc

    Welding Automation Australia provides advice, assistance and products to produce the best welds.